Accessing New Look Skin Center’s WiFi

Welcome to New Look Skin Center, Inc.

Please read carefully before proceeding. Then scroll down and click below.

New Look Skin center, Inc. (NLSC) is happy to provide you with Complimentary WiFi access to the internet during your In-person visit. You are welcome to access our WiFi via your laptop computer or other WiFi-enabled device where it’s available; WiFi coverage may be weaker in some locations.

As a condition of connecting to our WiFi, you hereby Acknowledge that you have read,
understand, and Agree to each of the provisions below.
You may express your disagreement by not connecting to our WiFi.

  1. Your access to our WiFi is a privilege; such access to our private network may be wholly or partially withdrawn by NLSC at its sole discretion at any time, without cause, and without notice.
  2. There is no guaranty that our WiFi will be available at any particular time or at any particular bandwidth or speed.
  3. Connecting to our WiFi is not a secure means of accessing or using the internet. Other users may be able to wirelessly monitor your activity. We strongly advise against performing sensitive transactions or communications over our WiFi, including but not limited to any transaction that involves logging into a password protected account or doing any financial transactions.
  4. Your use of our WiFi, including any content you view, send or receive via our WiFi, may be subject to monitoring, use and disclosure by NLSC and or its internet provider as they deem appropriate; you shall have no exceptions of privacy with respect to such content or the general details about your device, including device ID and IP address, model, and user logs related to your activity.
  5. Because our WiFi is being made available in a work environment, certain third party websites containing inappropriate content may not be accessible to you; NLSC, however, shall have no obligation to monitor or block such websites or their content.
  6. To the greatest extent permitted by law, NLSC (including its affiliates and healthcare providers), its suppliers and vendors shall not be responsible or liable for any claim, loss, or damage directly or indirectly related to your use of or connection to our WiFi or the information or the resources contained on or accessible through our WiFi or NLSC’s failure to provide or maintain a WiFi connection. You agree to indemnify and hold NLSC and its affiliates harmless from any and all claims, fines, losses and damages related to your use of our WiFi or any advice or assistance that you seek in connecting your device to our WiFi.
  7. Your use of our WiFi is also subject to all additional disclaimers and caveats that may appear throughout NLSC’s website, including the privacy notice, and terms and conditions at the foot of a webpage.
  8. Your access and use of our WiFi is solely at your own risk, including your access to other websites, including the information, services, products, materials and any other resources contained on them.
  9. You shall not use our WiFi to violate the law or the rights of anybody or to otherwise harass a person or to send unsolicited communications.
  10. You will not perform credit card transactions without the express written approval of NLSC’s management.
  11. Our staff are not trained nor authorized to work on your computer or other electronic device. Any assistance or advice they may offer is solely as a courtesy to you and subject to these provisions.
  12. For a copy of the above provisions, please save a screenshot.

I am at least 18 years of Age and understand and agree to each of the above provisions.